The Murad Customer's

Bill of Rights

At Murad we believe that genuine service is more than just saying the customer is always right. We believe that real service comes from respecting the rights you have as our customer.

The Right To Be Heard

You have the right to be able to let us know what you think. Only through you can we learn what we’re doing right and, more critically, what more we can do to ensure that the quality and performance of our products and services exceed your expectations. That’s why we promise to respond to your feedback as promptly as possible – without exception within 1 business day.

The Right To Receive Exceptional Personal Service

You have the right to be able to speak directly to a Certified Skincare Specialist who will take personal responsibility for meeting your needs. You have the right to expect your personal Certified Skincare Specialist to be so helpful and so courteous that only one word can describe your experience, and that word is “WOW!"

The Right To Receive Products of The Highest Quality

You have the right to receive products that contain only the highest quality ingredients, pharmaceutical grade where appropriate, without fillers. You have the right to expect every Murad product to follow the Murad Recipe's mandate for antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydrators.

The Right To Achieve Real Results

You have the right to expect results and to enjoy the benefits of products that perform as promised. You have the right to follow the Murad path to the healthy beautiful skin you deserve.

The Right To 100% Satisfaction

You have the right to return any product that does not perform as you expected. You have the right to do so without hassle, and you have the right to have your purchase price refunded regardless of how much or how little of the product you used.

The Right To Receive a Free Skincare Evaluation

You have the right to receive a free comprehensive evaluation from a Certified Skincare Specialist who has been personally trained by Dr. Murad, who will help you order products that are right for your skin type and which address your individual skincare needs.

The Right To Skin Health Education

You have the right to ask any skincare questions that are important to you and receive an informed answer from a Murad-certified and industry-licensed professional.

The Right To Cruetly-Free Products

You have the right to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that neither the products you're using nor the ingredients from which they're made were tested on animals.

The Right To Contact Our CEO

If you have a problem that cannot be solved by your personal Certified Skincare Specialist, you have the right to directly email Richard Murad, our Chief Executive Officer (, to bring the matter to his attention for prompt resolution.

The Right To Expect Something Extra From Murad

Your right to something extra is more than your right to receive free samples with every order; it’s also your right to expect innovation backed by science in every product, your right to expect cutting-edge technology in each product, and your right to expect Murad to lead the way.

The Right To Authentic Murad Quality

You have the right to avoid counterfeit goods and to enjoy the safety, quality, and performance of Murad products. That's why, as of January 1, 2009, authentic Murad products bear a seal with a state-of-the-art, currency-grade hologram. When tipped, 3 patterns composed of elements of the Murad logo will be visible on the seal.

The Right To Absolute Privacy

You have the right to privacy and to be free from unwanted solicitation. You have the right to rely on our promise to work diligently to keep all of your personal information confidential and to NEVER sell or share your email address, phone number, home address, credit card information, or other payment information.